Boxy is a Flutter package created to overcome the limitations of built-in layout widgets, it provides utilities for flex, custom multi-child layouts, dynamic widget inflation, slivers, and more!
The package is ready for production use, it has excellent documentation, test coverage, and passes strict analysis.


Getting Started

To install Boxy, add it to your dependencies in pubspec.yaml:
boxy: ^2.0.5+1
Alternatively, you can also use the pub command:
flutter pub add boxy
After installing the package and running flutter pub get, import one of the following top-level libraries:
import 'package:boxy/boxy.dart';
import 'package:boxy/flex.dart';
import 'package:boxy/padding.dart';
import 'package:boxy/slivers.dart';
import 'package:boxy/utils.dart';